The millionaire journey is a wealth building project that will build young people into millionaires and help others who already have a level of financial stability to build further from where they are.


1. it’s a one-off investment of N250,000
You don’t need a top-up at any point during the journey. You just invest N250,000

2. The investment is for 5 years.
The investment runs for a 5-year tenure. Which makes it an ideal long term investment opportunity for those who have been thinking about it.

3. You get an ROI OF 32% PER ANNUM
Yes, Your ROI on this Investment is at 32% per annum, compounded annually for five years.

4. Your investment is compounded over the 5 year period
The Millionaire Journey makes use of the power of compound
interest to give you a highly-leveraged return on your investment, such that the capital returns are far higher than what is obtainable via regular, simple-interest based investments.

5. You become a millionaire in 5 years
And of course, the goal of the millionaire journey is to make you a millionaire in 5 years. If you haven’t earned your first million, this is your opportunity. If you have earned your million, this is an opportunity to multiply it. We do that in just 5 years.